Hello, I’m Geoff Lichy, a person from the Hudson Valley with too many interests. There are benefits to that: I like to learn and do research on new topics.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. While in college, I also learned about advertising and creating websites. I did photography and modeling on the side. I have years of experience making stuff look good. Or at least passably interesting. I’ve also done freelance work writing articles and blog posts for various websites.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself; I am large, I contain multitudes.” —Walt Whitman

I know about telling stories through music, which is a fun medium. It’s extra interesting to create a story through purely instrumental music, using rhythm and mood to drive the pace instead of words. I’m a prolific musician who’s been responsible for over 30 full-length albums and EPs since 2006: recording, mixing, mastering, the whole shebang.

As a child I had three favorite things: reading, creating music, and thinking up stories. It was only natural to keep writing over the years. My experience with graphic design and web design allows me to create book covers and handle ebook formatting. I can do it all, and it’s fun to bring everything together.

“Its important to know stories. I felt the earth shift to make a place for you when you were born, and I came to tell you stories while you are young. And like me, you were born with a word on your tongue.” ― Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl

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Words I can never spell on the first try

  • caffeine

Favorite author

  • Ray Bradbury